Alaska by Cruise

Alaska by Cruise

7 Days Sea and 3 Days Land

What could be more exhilarating than a weeklong cruise of Alaska followed by three days on Its gorgeous land? We’re still trying to figure that one out! After a week exploring “The Last Frontier,” you’re sure to have a new appreciation of not only the stunning scenery but the rich heritage as well. Let’s line out our trip.


If you need some pre-port activities while waiting for departure, you’ll love checking out the scene in beautiful Vancouver – Canada’s 3rd largest city and home to North America’s 2nd largest Chinatown. Visit Stanley Park, majestic Totem Pole Park, the Vancouver Aquarium, and Gastown, a small town named after “Gassy Jack” Deighton back during the Yukon Gold Rush. (Fun fact: Gastown has a steam clock that whistles throughout the whole town every 15 minutes!).


You’ll spend Day 2 at your leisure and at sea. Enjoy a variety of on-board entertainment and relaxation such as a casino, spa, indoor planetariums, art galleries and auctions, freshwater pools, hot tubs, and even movies under the stars. There’s always something for every cruiser.


On Day 3, you’ll arrive in Ketchikan, Alaska, in the early morning. Spend the morning and early afternoon exploring the Misty Fjords

National Monument; enjoy the great outdoors hiking, kayaking, or ziplining; venture to a live eagle display at the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary; or, participate in a lumberjack show. Brave enough to climb a 50-foot tree before heading back onboard?


Today you’ll have the entire day to discover the capital city and choose from a list of excursions in Juneau. Glacier Gardens is a 50-acre, self-sustaining ecosystem that has a spectacular lookout point on Thunder Mountain. You can also take a five-minute Juneau tram ride to the top of Mt. Roberts and witness an amazing panoramic picture of the city. There’s dog sledding or whale watching. The orcas are forever impressive to see. Flightseeing is also a popular choice among cruise-goers. Fly above the Juneau Icefield to catch sight of incredible icefalls! Or, get an outdoor history lesson at Mendenhall Glacier, which stands 13 miles long, a half-mile wide, and is 300 – 1,800 feet deep in certain areas. Slowly retreating since the 1700s, this landmark is the opportunity of a lifetime to tour.


It’s Day 5 of this fascinating journey and you’ll spend it in Skagway, Alaska. Arrive early and have another full day to enjoy some more exploration. In Skagway, you can go rafting down the river. Visit former Gold Rush camps and pan for gold amid lively characters based on real-life pioneers. Klondike Summit (also known as White Summit) is also a great site to uncover. This summit is the world’s highest coastal range that starts in Alaska’s mainland and extends into Canada. Fitness lovers can experience three different climate zones as they take an intimate mountain bike tour up and down the coast. There’ll be plenty of stops for selfies by the railroad, cas-


On day 6, you’ll spend the day at sea. You’ll have a choice to relax or join in cruise activities onboard, or simply cruise and look at the amazing scene around you. Catch a glimpse of tidewater glaciers and get an understanding of why Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is a UNESCO World Heritage site. See astonishing ice giants and an abundance of wildlife, including sea otters, porpoises, harbor seals, mountain goats, and large colonies of seabirds.


Today, you’ll enjoy your final cruise day at sea as you pass by College Fjord, located in northern Prince William Sound. Discovered and named by college professors in 1899 during a research expedition, this remarkable area boasts the world’s largest collection of tidewater glaciers and highlights snowcapped mountains as far as you can see! See enormous rivers that stretch for miles as you watch ice tumble from the tips of the mountains, through valleys, and finally landing in ultra-deep, pristine waters. This will also provide a fabulous backdrop for pictures. And, if you’re cruising during the summer, you may even see one of nature’s biggest beasts: a 40-ton humpback whale. You’re sure to have a whale of a time!


After your dock in Whittier, just outside of Anchorage, AK, you’ll spend Day 8 touring Whittier before shuttling to your lodge in An- chorage. Check out the giant wall of ice at Portage Glacier as you.